This was a project I worked on as an intern at Easton High School's media production program in 2019. The teacher I was studying under requested I make a card game for her students to play that related to the class in some capacity. She also asked that I model the characters after her actual students
The game itself is a simple version of the game Mafia, also known as Werewolf. It is a hidden identity game where you have to find the "secret bad guy", or in this case the "evil artist". There are also secret helpers that aid the "innocent artists" in winning the game.
The innocent artist cards are modeled after students (that gave permission to be represented in the game), and the evil artists are random characters - I didn't want to isolate anyone.

I chose to use a bright and fun illustration style to match the atmosphere of the class. Additionally, I wanted the character's personalities to reflect their real-life correspondents. For example, one of the students was known for catching small typos and mistakes in people's work, so I made them the "innocent artist with a sharp eye". 

In the end, the project turned out to be a fun way to commemorate the class, and the game was actually printed and played by actual classes.
Adobe Illustrator

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